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* Decision dated 21.3.2012 in case of  Pendency of cases of A.P.
* Decision dated 19.3.2012 in case of Shri Mohammed Ali.
* Decision dated 12.3.2012 in case of Ms Niyazbibi Bannumyian Malek.
* Decision dated 9.2.2012 in case of Shri Mohammed. Imran Khalid.
* Decision dated 2.2.2012 in case of Ms. Dilshad Begum.
* Decision dated 6.2.2012 in case of Ms. Samina Parveen.
* Decision dated 8.12.2011 on Tour Report of Vice Chairman During his visit to Odisha.
* Decision dated 27.1.2012 in case of Ms. Shri. Siafuddin Ahmad.
* Decision dated 1.2.2012 in case of Ms. Shri Iftikhar-uz-Zaman.
* Decision dated 28.12.2011 in case of Smt Zubaida Begum.
* Decision dated 22.11.2011 in case of Sister Valsa Jhon.
* Decision dated 22.11.2011 in case of Ms. Farhana Khatoon.
* Decision dated 9.11.2011 in case of Ms. Noor Fatima, Siwan, Bihar.
* Decision dated 2.11.2011 in case of Shri Zahrul Hasan, Manager, Badi Karbala. 
* Decision dated 24.10.2011 in case of Catholic Cemetry, Tamil Nadu.
* Decision dated 28.9.2011 in case of Mohammed Sagir vs United International Pvt. Ltd
* Decision dated 18.7.2011 in case of Dr. Syed Ahmed, Medical Officer (Unani) CGHS , New Delhi
* Decision dated 6.7.2011 in case of Sh. Rahisuddin, JLA-76, Delhi Public Library
* Decision dated 5.7.2011 in case of Thomson Educational & Charitable Trust, Rajkot
* Decision dated 4.7.2011 in case of Shri Abdul Matin Carol, Goa
* Decision dated 26.5.2011 in case of Shri Ashok Kumar Rahul, Ghaziabad(U.P)
* Decision dated 24.5.2011 in case of Shri Abdul Matin Carol, Goa
* Decision dated 20.4.2011 in case of Sh. Parvinder Singh. 

National Commission
for Minorities

3rd Floor, Block-3, CGO Complex, New Delhi 110003
Tel: 011-24363821,011-24364816
Fax: 24363301
Toll Free Number: 1800 110 088


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