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Decision dated 25.03.2013 in case of Shri Raisuddin vs MCD.
Decision dated 22.02.2013 in case of Mohd. Allaudin.
Decision dated 22.03.2013 in case of Shri Ataullah Khan vs Satyawati College.
Decision dated 04.03.2013 in case of Shri Raisuddin vs MCD.
Decision dated 25.02.2013 in case of Shri Raisuddin vs MCD.
Decision dated 05.02.2013 in case of Dr. I. H. Naqvi vs DDA.
Decision dated 20.12.2012 in  case of Dr. Baber Ali Shah.
Decision dated 22.08.2012 in pending cases of Karnataka.
Decision dated 21.08.2012 in pending cases of Tamil Nadu .
Decision dated 18.07.2012 in the case of Buddha Foundation vs DM Ghaziabad.
Decision dated 03.07.2012 in the case of Niyazbibi.
Decision dated 13.06.2012 in the case of Shri Iftikhar–uz-Zaman.
Decision dated 21.05.2012 in the case of Shri A Hamid.
Decision dated 12.04.2012 in the case of Ms. Jamila Khatoon Baquai.

National Commission
for Minorities

3rd Floor, Block-3, CGO Complex, New Delhi 110003
Tel: 011-24363821,011-24364816
Fax: 24363301
Toll Free Number: 1800 110 088


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