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List of books available in NCM Library.

Guidelines for using the facilities in NCM Library for doing research of studies on issues related to the    minority communities.

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The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) is a statutory body set up by the Central Government under the NCM Act, 1992. The main functions of the Commission as laid down in Section 9(1) of NCM Act, 1992 are to monitor the implementation of the Constitutional and legal safeguards provided to the notified religious communities by the Union and State Governments and to make recommendations to them for effective implementation of such safeguards. The NCM Library has about 6,000 books and journals and large number of them are on issues concerning the minority communities. The library also has four computers and a photocopier

Guidelines for using the facilities in NCM Library for doing research or studies on issues related to the minority communities

The facilities of library can be availed of for doing research or studies on minority issues by persons other than the NCM employees subject to the following terms and conditions:-

  1. The person desirous of using the NCM library facilities should be attached with a renowned educational institution or a registered NGO or government body.
  2. An application for use of the NCM facilities should be submitted to Secretary, NCM in the prescribed format in the annexure, at least ten (10) days before the date on which the use of the facilities is to start. The application on the prescribed format should be accompanied with a recommendation addressed to Secretary, NCM from the Head of the educational institution, NGO or government body for use of the library facilities by the applicant. A photograph of the applicant should be affixed on the prescribed form.
  3. The applicant is required to give an undertaking in the application that he/she agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as applicable from time to time
  4. Before the expiry period of 10 days, the applicant will be informed by registered post, of the decision of the Commission regarding use of the library facilities. In case the permission is accorded, the applicant will be issued temporary membership of NCM library for a maximum period of one month. The temporary membership card will not be transferable and the holder of the card will be held responsible if the card is misused. The cardholder’s permission to use the library facilities is liable to be cancelled for unacceptable conduct or misuse on the report of the Librarian. However, the permission can be cancelled without assigning any reason. The decision of the Secretary, NCM would be final and no correspondence will be entertained on the issue of cancellation.
  5. The user should carry the membership card with him whenever he visits the library.
  6. Borrowing of books and journals will not be permitted. Mutilation of the books and journals is prohibited and the user of the library facilities will be liable to pay damages to the Commission for mutilation of the books and journals in addition to inviting cancellation of his permission to use the library. The level of the damages will be decided by the NCM whose decision will be final.
  7. Internet facility will not be available.
  8. The timing of the use of NCM library will be from 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. and from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.
  9. No telephone facility will be available, except in emergencies or compelling circumstances.
  10. The user will have to confine himself within the library premises and will not be allowed to interact with the employees of the Commission.
  11. Since the space in the library is limited, only four scholars at a time can be accommodated. The permission will therefore be granted on a first come first served basis, the date of receipt of the application being the relevant date.
  12. The guidelines can be amended as and when required by the NCM.
  13. Proper decorum will have to be maintained at all times as behooves a library.
  14. No extension will be allowed beyond one month since opportunity has to be given to those waiting in the queue for utilizing the library facilities. If a user is desirous of coming back for using the available facilities, he/she will have to reapply and get back in the queue.

National Commission
for Minorities

3rd Floor, Block-3, CGO Complex, New Delhi 110003
Tel: 011-24363821,011-24364816
Fax: 24363301
Toll Free Number: 1800 110 088


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